Heating & Ventilation


FURNACES: We provide maintenance, inspections, installations and replacements for any make and model of furnace.  It is our mission to provide quality workmanship for prices you can afford.  We can provide quick, guaranteed quotes - FINANCING AVAILABLE!

HVAC SYSTEMS: Are you building a new house, renovating an income property, or revamping your basement? We can offer an affordable package to meet your needs. This will include furnaces, a/c units, HRVs, plus any ductwork and venting.

GARAGE HEATERS: Want to work in your garage all year round, or be able to step into a warm garage before leaving for work in -40 weather conditions? We will come to your home and provide a free no-obligation quote.

HUMIDIFIERS: Is your home feeling dry and you are tired of refilling your small portable room humidifier? We can install a central air humidifier that is very low maintenance and will leave your skin feeling great and will relieve your coughs and colds. As an added bonus, with a humidifier installed, you can lower your heating temperature and still feel comfortable - extra savings! Prices starting at $399.


With Alberta's extremely cold weather, you want to make sure your home is heated properly. We offer quick and efficient services for any make and model of furnace or heater that needs repair. Our technicians are highly educated and experienced and are available 24/7.