Complete 15 Point Furnace Inspection & Tune-Up

Do I Need an Inspection?

Yes - Preventative maintenance is key when it comes to your furnace! Avoid the hefty cost of emergency repairs or replacements by booking an annual inspection and tune-up.

Inspections can ensure your system is running safe and efficiently.

What Does The Inspection Include?

Our 15 point inspection and tune-up covers all basic functions for your HVAC system to run efficiently and safely. From your venting systems, drainage system, wiring, and combustion gas analyzation to your filter - we inspect it all.

Honest and professional service.


Recommendations and Repairs

You will receive the inspection checklist and we will provide recommended services for your HVAC system so it is up to code. 

We can offer on the spot repairs. Regular labour fee will apply after the initial 90 minutes including the inspection.